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Release of Information

Welcome to Wayne Metro's Universal Application form, where you can apply for multiple services via a single form. Please check our website for a detailed listing of programs and requirements.

Please have relevant documents ready to upload, such as your ID, proof of income, utility statements, mortgage statements, etc
. Only image documents (jpg/png) or PDF format will be accepted. If using a mobile device, you can take directly take photos of your documents as you complete the form.

Before proceeding, please read and agree to the following statement that allows us to process your information.

CONSENT:  I/We hereby allow Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, its agents, employees, sub-contractors or affiliates to communicate with and request information from all housing, utility and income providers listed on Wayne Metro's related forms and to enter my/our personal information into the applicable program databases. This release expires two (2) years from the date of application. I agree that photocopies of this authorization may be used for the purposes stated above.  

Please contact Wayne Metro’s CONNECT Center at (313) 388-9799 to be connected to the Macomb, Oakland, Lapeer or Genesee/Flint County resources.

Program Denial
Clients that do not give consent will be denied for these programs. We must be able to share your information with our program partners in order to enroll in these programs.


Due to the high demand,  the plumbing program is at capacity.  Should new funding become available, we will reopen the application. We appreciate your understanding.
Due to the high demand,  the mortgage program is at capacity.  Should new funding become available, we will reopen the application. We appreciate your understanding.
If you require rental assistance in Out-Wayne County, please contact (734) 284-6999.   
If you require rental assistance in Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park please contact (866) 313-2520.

Your Information

Please complete all of the following questions.

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Your Information (Continued)

Please include all sources of income in the sections below.



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Food Support
Food Support

Diapers/Formula Assistance
Diapers/Formula Assistance

Funeral Assistance
Funeral Assistance


(funeral home invoice or death certificate/statement of death)

(funeral home invoice or death certificate/statement of death)

Energy/Utility Assistance
Energy/Utility Assistance

MEAP (Michigan Energy Assistance Program) provides energy assistance and self sufficiency services to eligible low income households. 

“Eligible low-income household” means a household with an income of not more than 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Eligible households should be in crisis to qualify for MEAP funds. 

“Crisis” means one of the following: 
  1. An individual or recipient has received a past due notice on an energy bill for his or her household (a shut off or disconnect notice is not required); 

  2. A residential fuel tank is estimated to contain no more than 25% of its heating fuel capacity;

  3. A stated need for deliverable fuel or a nontraditional fuel source in which there is no meter or regular energy bill provided; or 

  4. A notice that the balance in a prepayment account is below a minimum amount.

True self-sufficiency is about you providing for yourself or your family without public assistance. The focus is to move people off financial aid. Each person works with our Self-Sufficiency staff to achieve their individual goals.

The services in the program include:
  • Heat and energy assistance
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Connecting with local resources
  • Energy efficiency and waste reduction
  • Financial literacy education

SER Requirement
The first step in receiving MEAP Assistance is to apply for State Emergency Relief (SER) through MDHHS. Please visit newmibridges.michigan.gov to apply.  Once your approved decision is received, you may come back to Wayne Metro to apply for additional assistance. 


Note: The annual cap for MEAP Assistance is $2,000 per household. Any amount over $2,000 is the responsibility of the applicant. No payment can be made on your account until the difference is paid.

DELIVERABLE FUEL - Complete this section if applicable

Affordable Payment Plans (APP) are low, affordable fixed monthly payment plans available to low income households. Payment amounts are based on your income as well as your energy consumption. Payment plans last for up to 2 years with very affordable payment options. You must have a past due balance for APP’s and arrearages must be $4,000 or below. DTE’s LSP, Consumers CARE and SEMCO’s MAP Programs offer you the ability to qualify for payment plans between $50-$130/month. The remaining portion of their energy bill and arrears forgiveness are paid monthly by the agency. Once enrolled, you are protected from shut off until you complete or are removed from the program. Wayne Metro can utilize affordable payment plans to satisfy SER copayments. You also have the option of a direct payment up to $2000 on your energy account to satisfy an SER copayment



Water Assistance
Water Assistance

Participant Agreement
This partial agreement demonstrates your intent to adhere to the terms and conditions for participation in the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP). A full and detailed agreement will be provided to you once you have been successfully enrolled.

  • Maximum total financial assistance per household per year - up to $1000.
  • Maximum participation in the WRAP Program is up to two (2) years, must apply for re-enrollment after year one (1).
  • I agree to provide all required documents to qualify for services.
  • Water bill payment is limited to $25 credit per month per household ($300 annually).
  • I agree to pay all current charges issued by my city/municipality (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly).
  • Financial assistance for past-due water payments up to $700 per household annually for cities participating in past-due payment assistance. All cities do not participate.
  • If I am a homeowner with above average usage I must agree to schedule a Home Water Audit and be present when it takes place.  An average one-time benefit for eligible WRAP Home Water Conservation Audit is $1500. (Optional for Renters).
  • I must report WRAP assistance if I receive Subsidized Housing Assistance.
  • Missing two (2) payments within 12 months of enrollment date will result in removal from the program.
  • Supportive services will be offered to me.
  • I agree to adhere to all WRAP guidelines as outlined in the full agreement sent to me.

Pre-Screen for State Emergency Relief (SER)

Eligible residents of Detroit can receive up to $175 from DHHS towards your water past due balance in addition to enrollment in WRAP.

Mortgage Assistance
Mortgage Assistance

You must be behind on your mortgage/land contract payments to qualify.


Rent Assistance
Rent Assistance

You must be behind on your rent payments, and the lease must be valid, to qualify. 


Property Tax Assistance
Property Tax Assistance

How can Wayne Metro help homeowners with property taxes?

Wayne Metro can help homeowners submit the Poverty Tax Exemption (PTE: Out-Wayne) application or connect you to an agency partner for assistance with the Homeowner Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP: Detroit only) application for current year taxes. Depending on your household’s income, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance for your delinquent property taxes owed to the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office.

Unfortunately, The Wayne Metro CARES Relief & Recovery Services are only offered for residents of Wayne County. Please contact your local Community Action Agency to inquire about possible assistance through CARE. 

For current year taxes, Wayne Metro can help homeowners submit the Poverty Tax Exemption (PTE: Out-Wayne) application or connect you to an agency partner for assistance with the Homeowner Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP: Detroit only) application for current year taxes. Direct financial assistance is not available for current year taxes.
Wayne Metro can only assist with an owner/occupant property that is in your name. Please contact UCHC for assistance with tenant or ownership issues prior to taking action.

(313) 405 - 7726

If you are a tenant seeking eviction resources, you can reach out to the City of Detroit’s Eviction Diversion Program at 866-313-2520. Tenants may also reach out to the UCHC Tax Hotline at 313-405-7726 for information on the Make It Home program.

You may also be eligible for assistance through the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) program.

There is a new program called the Detroit Tax Relief Fund for Detroit residents. 

What does the DTRF program help with?

The DTRF program helps with getting your back taxes paid off, and making sure you know how to use the City of Detroit Homeowner Property Tax Assistance Program (HPTAP) every year to remain debt free. 

How does the program work?

The first step of this program is to apply and be approved for the
City of Detroit HPTAP for current year property taxes. Some homeowners
have already been approved for the HPTAP, and we’ll be able to
verify if you have been. If not, we will assist you with connecting
to a trained HPTAP counselor who will help you apply.

Next we’ll collect some information from you to get you to the right next step for help with your property taxes.

Below are the income guidelines for the City of Detroit’s HPTAP, which are based on household size and income.

per year.
(If your household size is larger than 10 persons, add an additional $5,018 for every additional person).

While income guidelines are a starting point for determining eligibility, the City of Detroit Board of Review makes the final determination on all applications. We always encourage homeowners to apply and allow the Board of Review to decide.

Plumbing Assistance
Plumbing Assistance

Thank you for your interest in the Emergency Plumbing Repair (EPR) Program.

Through this new initiative, residents within Wayne County may qualify for Emergency Plumbing Repair assistance. This program is designed to assist residents that have limited access to water during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal of this program is that every eligible home will have access to hot and cold water and at least one functioning toilet, bathroom faucet, shower/bath, kitchen faucet, and laundry tub. It is also the program goal that the house has functioning wastewater drainage for water access to be sustainable in the home.

Water Account Information

Well/Septic System Information

Plumbing Situation

Additional Plumbing Information

We’re sorry, but according to the information you provided, you are not eligible for Emergency Plumbing Repairs.

This program is only available to income-eligible residents of Wayne County that have limited access to water. It is not intended to repair leaks.

If you live outside of Wayne County, please contact your local Community Action Agency. They may be able to connect you with a similar program in your area. 

If you are experiencing plumbing issues that can be resolved through minor plumbing repairs, please consider enrolling in our WRAP program. The WRAP Home Water Conservation Program can assist with supply-related issues only. In order to find out more about WRAP, please visit our website at http://www.waynemetro.org/wrap/.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions. Please feel free to call our CONNECT Center at (313) 388-9799.

Digital Signature Requirement

Please sign below after reading the following information, otherwise this application will be considered incomplete.

Under penalties of perjury, I swear or affirm that this application has been examined by or read to me. If I am a third party applying on behalf of another person, I swear that this application has been examined by or read to the applicant. 
To the best of my knowledge, the facts are true and complete.