Detroit Tax Relief Fund

Thank you for your interest in the Detroit Tax Relief Fund! We will start by giving you some background on the Detroit Tax Relief Fund, which is made possible by the Gilbert Family Foundation. Then we’ll collect some information from you to get you to the right next step for help with your property taxes.

This program is for Detroit homeowners who LIVE IN and OWN their home and are struggling with property tax debt. The first step of this program is to apply and be approved for the City of Detroit HPTAP property tax exemption for current year property taxes. Some homeowners already have this exemption, and we’ll be able to check if you do. If not, we can get you connected to a trained HPTAP counselor who will help you apply.

Second, if you are granted an HPTAP it will qualify you for the Wayne County Treasurer’s Pay As You Stay, or PAYS, program which can reduce your property tax debt. Then you’ll be connected to a property tax counselor at Wayne Metro Community Action Agency, who will help you with step three, which is getting your remaining back taxes paid off, and making sure you know how to use the HPTAP every year to remain debt free!
Before proceeding, please read and agree to the following statement that allows us to process your information.

CONSENT:  I/We hereby allow Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, its agents, employees, sub-contractors or affiliates to communicate with and request information from all housing, utility and income providers listed on Wayne Metro's related forms and to enter my/our personal information into the applicable program databases. This release expires two (2) years from the date of application. I agree that photocopies of this authorization may be used for the purposes stated above.

Important Note: This is an application only and does not guarantee financial assistance.

This program is only for Detroit homeowners, however, your city may offer property tax assistance. We recommend contacting your local assessor for more information, or contact the United Community Housing Coalition at 313-405-7726. If you are a tenant facing eviction, please call the Eviction Diversion Hotline at 866-313-2520.

You may also be eligible for other assistance from Wayne Metro Community Action Agency. Please click Submit to be re-directed to Wayne Metro's Universal Application.

If you are a tenant seeking eviction resources, you can reach out to the City of Detroit’s Eviction Diversion Program at 866-313-2520. Tenants may also reach out to the UCHC Tax Hotline at 313-405-7726 for information on the Make It Home program.

You may also be eligible for assistance through the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) program. Please click Submit to be redirected to the CERA application.

This program can only assist with an owner-occupied property that is in your name. Please contact UCHC for assistance with ownership issues prior to taking action.

(313) 405 - 7726

This program is only for owner occupied homes in Detroit. Contact the Wayne County Treasurer’s office for other programs that may assist you: 313-224-5990.

You may also be eligible for assistance through the COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA) program. Please click Submit to be redirected to the CERA application.

Below are the income guidelines for the City of Detroit’s HPTAP, which are based on household size and income.

per year.
The maximum income for a household of 9 people is $54,432 per year.

Larger households should add an additional $5,018 for every additional household member. 

While income guidelines are a starting point for determining eligibility, the City of Detroit Board of Review makes the final determination on all applications. We always encourage homeowners to apply and allow the Board of Review to decide.

Detroit Parcel IDs require a period or a dash as the 9th digit. Examples: 12345678. or 12345678-9
You can find your parcel ID on your most recent property tax bill. If you are unsure of your parcel ID, you can find it by searching your address here: