Home Energy Auditor Training [HEAT] Program Application

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Program Overview
Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency's  HEAT program is a learn and earn model of job training in our Energy Auditor pathway. 

What is an Energy Auditor [EA]?

EAs evaluate the energy efficiency, health and safety of a home. EAs use diagnostic equipment and modeling software to identify areas for energy savings, produce an audit report and develop a prioritized scope of work for Weatherization Contractors. 

What does the HEAT program offer?
  • 10 weeks/400 hours of vocational training
  • Shadowing, field experience and classroom instruction
  • $18.75/hour stipend
  • State of Michigan Energy Auditor Certification [upon passing state exam]
Pre-Requisites & Screening Requirements
To be eligible to participate in this program, participants must adhere to the following requirements:
  1. 18 or over
  2. Previous construction experience
  3. Pass a drug screen
  4. Pass a background check
  5. Must be COVID-19 vaccinated
Applicant Info